Monday, February 22, 2016

Our Education

In this generation, education seems like the most important thing. Especially if you want to get a job, you'll need a high education. 

Education its not just by learning in school. You can get education anywhere. You can get it from everyone. Because education its not just a subject. Proof? Okay, you need to learn how to walk, to talk, and even to eat. Thats one of education too, I think.

But a lot of people said they got stressed because of education. So lets see what is the problem?

Lets starts with school. I'm sure there's a lot of people who said that they got stressed because of school. Why? Maybe because of a lot of homeworks, exams? 

I think homeworks its not the problem, you just have to take it easy and just do it. Don't delay it, because if you do it'll pile up and you will feel its difficult to do it later.

If you got exams soon, just relax and study. Don't take it hard or you'll get stressed. If you don't understand something, ask to friends or teacher or even your family.

In the end, we can't do much about our system. The most important is to work harder and pray. Do as best as you can and let God do the rest. ;)

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